Satin tape

в наличии все ходовые цвета сатинаThermal Printing Solutions LLC is engaged in the sale of satin ribbon (polyester-satin) with delivery to any location in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

Satin ribbon is a soft textile material with a smooth, glossy finish. Satin is particularly durable and pleasant to the touch. We make high demands on the quality of satin, its density.

The main uses of satin tape:

  • Custom mourning ribbon printing for wreaths and baskets
  • Print Ribbons Graduate
  • Printing ribbons for decorating gifts and flowers
  • Printing company logos
  • Lanyards for badges and medals
  • Sew-on labels for the textile industry
  • Making designer jewelry

The satin tape is subjected to dry cleaning, washing, long-term operation, exposure to atmospheric influences and different temperatures, while the tape must retain its impeccable original appearance for as long as possible. Any text information and image can be applied to the satin ribbon using thermal transfer printing.

For marking clothes, a narrow satin ribbon is used, one-sided or two-sided. The color palette of double-sided satin ribbon with woven edge includes 20 colors. On any textile product there are sewn-in labels, mostly white, indicating the mandatory information about the product, fabric composition and care methods (washing, dry cleaning, ironing, etc.). This material is ideal for marking underwear, children’s clothing, bed linen.

Wide color satin is most commonly used for award, holiday, and graduation ribbons. Our company offers you a palette of more than 50 colors.

Satin Ribbon Sizes

Double sided:
10 mm х200m, 15 mm х200m, 20 mm х200m, 25 mm х200m, 30 mm х200m, 35 mm х200m, 40 mm х200m, 50mm х200m;
One-sided:цветной сатин

20мм х 200м, 25мм х 200м, 30мм х 200м, 35мм х 200м, 40ммх200м, 50ммх200м, 60мм х 200м, 80мм х 200м, 100мм х 200м.

For printing on satin ribbons, thermal transfer ribbon ribbon is ideal material: Resin

We offer you the following ribbon colors: gold, silver, black, gray, orange, pink, crimson, red, yellow, brown, green, blue, mint, blue, white.

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