Textile labels from nylon, polyester and polyester — sateen

You can buy textile labels from us (in the form of labels on clothes or razmernik). Production which we deliver from the most modern and qualitative materials, such as sateen, nylon polyester-sateen, etc. At the moment labels from sateen and other materials are an obligatory element in clothing and other industry. Labels manufacturers, service conditions, leaving, structure and other characteristics of a product allow to mark a product, размесив on them necessary information on firm.

You can get from us as finished textile products (with already put information), and empty (without previously printed information). At purchase at us of labels, the press can be as black-and-white and color. Our experts will help you to pick up the necessary size of a tape for length and width, and also to pick up the most economically expedient and reliable way of drawing the image on the label suitable under your needs.

Main types of labels which you can take in our company:

  • Nylon – is white swore at which is characterized by high resistance to washings and has water-repellent properties. Upon purchase of the special film (covered from 2 parties with special impregnation) you will be able to carry out the press from two parties applying at the same time the steady against attrition painting film Resin (specially sordanny material, to the press on textile tapes). Labels from sateen maintain washing at a temperature up to 60 degrees, a dry-cleaner aren’t scattered at a scrap of edge of a label (respectively the overstitching isn’t required). Material soft to the touch.
  • Polyester is stronger material capable to sustain long influence of waters and ultra-violet radiation. As on sateen, on labels and labels from polyester the bilateral press ribbony on the basis of pitch is possible. To the touch material more rigid than sateen, but has bigger resistance to attrition.
  • Polyester — sateen is softer than polyester material which is similar to the atlas, he perfectly will be suitable for production of labels which adjoin to a body (underwear, etc.). The thermotransfer press is carried out on the face given (as she has more smooth surface). This material as well as polyester can maintain washing at the temperatrakh to 85 degrees, a dry-cleaner. A lack of this material it is possible to call damage of edge at a scrap and higher price.

Upon purchase of labels for the press you can get free advice on selection of a necessary type of a ribbon (the painting tape) for the press.