Thermal printer for printing labels from leading manufacturers

Thermal printing solutions  –  is the first supplier (dealer) of thermal printing equipment. This allows you to provide your business with the necessary equipment for printing information on any kind of tapes and self-adhesive labels at the lowest possible prices. Buying a thermal transfer or thermal printer from us you will always be sure that you can buy additional equipment, spare parts and consumables for them. With us, you can buy products with world-known brands, such as Godex, HPRT, Gprinter, Toshiba, Zebra, TSC, Datamax and others. The best indicator is a test of time, so we offer printers that have already proven themselves as reliable solutions for business. Depending on your needs with us, you can buy both a thermal printer and thermal transfer printers.

Thermal printer – a device for applying on a special paper of PC-codes, images or text. Printing by direct thermal printing is by using a heating element – the thermal head which is heated to a certain temperature (temperature depends on the type of label or other material used) “burns” the image on the top layer of the material used.

Thermal transfer printer is a device for applying images to a label, a tape made of nylon, satin or other materials. Printing by the thermal transfer method occurs by transferring the thermal transfer ribbon (ribbon) to the required surface. The advantages of this method are: reduced wear of the most expensive part of the printer – thermal heads 3-4 times, as well as the ability to create images resistant to external influences by using ribbon in high resin content (Resin).

We offer the following types of printers:

Desktop – designed for printing on self-adhesive stickers. We know what to offer you, and the difference lies in the way you print and the types of materials. It is possible to print from 2-3 thousand stickers a day to continuous work, depending on the maker.

Industrial – have a body resistant to external influences and are able to carry out significant volumes – from 10 000 labels per shift, the quality is not affected at the same time. We offer optimal models perfectly adapted for difficult operating conditions – such as high humidity and temperature. They are easy to use due to standard fastenings and a larger body, which allows you to refill the consumable by any specialist of your company.

Scope of application

Thermal transfer printers are used in logistics, medicine, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, in the trade of thermal transfer printing for all types of goods. This type of equipment will reduce the cost of marking products, allows you to select labels for goods at a discount or promotional products …

Our printers will help you when working on the organization of inventory accounting. They facilitate the identification and keeping records of materials and products. The clarity and speed of execution of the main processes is guaranteed.

Remember that successful labeling of products will increase the level of your service and help sales.

If you have any questions regarding the selection of a thermal transfer printer, you can read our article “How to choose a thermal printer for printing labels” or contact our specialists and they will select thermal transfer equipment based on your tasks.