Tape (foil) ore hot stamping

The tape (foil) of hot stamping (Hot Stamping) is applied to drawing graphic information, the large and small text: variable information, including date of production, the lot number, a bar code, on packing of goods.

The principle of direct thermal transfer transfer of the painting layer of a ribbon on packing of goods by means of metal stamps is the basis for drawing the image on the sealed material.

The materials Hot Stamping are developed taking into account features of technological process of drawing information on flexible packing and are used for the press on various packing films ― by OPP, PE, PPET (with the press and without the press, metallized) nylon, cellulose, cellophane packing. Also are applied to printing with a covering and without covering, on synthetic paper.

All this provides high quality of the image, the increased resistance to attrition, difference of temperatures, condensate and other external influences, Shows high quality of the press on many types of solid plastic.