Thermal printing solutions   renders services in production of labels self-adhesive  from  paper (eco, a thermal top, semi-luster), and film (polypropylene, polyethylene). We works both in Minsk and on all Republic and Russian Federation. Our range is presented by the following types of labels:

 Этикетка термоэкоThermal eco thermal label — a basis of this type of labels is the thermal sensitive layer darkening at the Label thermal eco influence of heating elements of a thermal head. It is possible to refer simplicity of drawing information to advantages of this type of labels (without use of the painting tape). The press occurs on thermal printers or scales with labels. Shortcomings — the small term of safety of the placed information (the lack of a sheeting affects), at hit of direct sunshine — information burns out, at hit of moisture or oils – disappears, at strong mechanical influence there are traces capable to influence negatively reading of bar codes. Scope of application – drawing on perishable goods

       Этикетка термотопThe Thermal top thermal label – Such type of the label, also has a thermal sensitive layer and too the Label by thermal top thermal printers by the principle of the direct thermal press is printed. The basic difference from thermal eco is existence of an additional protective layer which protects from moisture, fats and other external influences. To advantages of this type of labels simplicity of drawing information (without use of the painting tape) good resistance to greasing and other external influences also treats. The press occurs on thermal printers or scales with labels. Such labels can to be applied to drawing on the food which are stored in refrigerators and deep freezes. Term of safety of information several months
этикетка полуглянец      The label is opaque, glossy or semi-gloss — it has big resistance to sunshine, temperature, mechanical damages. The press on such label is carried out by already thermal transfer, by means of a thermal transfer tape (ribbon). It is applied to marking the goods, terms of storage of which isn’t limited or very big (alcohol production, household goods, household chemicals, etc.). Also labels of this type are widely applied in warehouse and transport logistics, medicine, construction, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, etc. Information placed on this type of labels will be saved many years.
      этикетка из полимера (плипропилен)The film label — This type of labels consists of polymer (polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.). Its main advantages are: resistance to deleting, influence of moisture, fats and solvents, high temperatures of melting. Generally film label is applied in marking of cosmetics, household chemicals, personal hygiene means, paint and varnish products and technical oils. For drawing information, Resin ribbon are used. Polypropylene best of all is suitable for the thermal transfer press. It has good mechanical characteristics and adhesion with the painting tapes (ribbon).