Applicators for gluing of labels

The applicator is devices for convenient and high-speed office with the subsequent drawing on goods of self-adhesive labels (price tags, excises and brands) on a necessary surface. In it can be possible to divide applicators on — applicators in the form of a gun (can be both automatic and semi-automatic) and needle markirator (are used in need of marking of fabrics by drawing labels and labels).

Semi-automatic applicators have a design similar to the mechanism for automatic gluing of labels and the mechanism of manual submission of labels.

The manual applicators TOWA enjoy wide popularity (they are put in action by pressing a trigger). You can buy all relevant models of this brand from us. This type of applicators is most popular with us because of the high consumer qualities, simplicity to work and reliability of execution. – having pulled the principle of operation of the applicators TOWA the trigger of the tape drive mechanism you put it in action because of what there is a bending of the label at an angle about 30 degrees and unsticking from a basis to a stop on a gun trunk. A part of the label which remain not separated from a substrate helps not to drop out of the device, the last action is – carrying out the applicator roller on the marked surface (at this moment the label completely to separate from a substrate and to be attached to goods).

Separate type of devices for marking are needle markirator which ideally resemble for fixing of elements of marking on such materials as fabrics, skin. By the principle of work these devices are similar to guns for labels, only when pressing a trigger there is a fixing of the price tag or a label by means of a plastic element.

Buying applicators of labels of such known brands as TOWA you receive the reliable device which will serve to you for many years and with will help to save your means and time by reduction